Fav ProMarker Colour Combos


1. Vanilla, Saffron, Oatmeal and Tan. 
I also use Sunkissed pink for the cheeks.

I usually start with the lightest one and cover the whole area i want to colour. (Vanilla) Then i use Saffron to colour the edges. (Saffron) I then take vanilla again to blend the colours. To finish off i use Oatmeal and Tan to make the shades. If i get any hard lines i go over with Vanilla again to blend the colours.

2. Coral, Sunkissed pink, Blush and Tan.
Here i use rose pink for cheeks.

On this skintone i start with the darkest colour first (Coral) Lay it along the outer edges of the image. Then i take the next colour (Sunkissed pink) and lay it over the darkest colour and a bit further into the image. Next i take the lightest colour (Blush) and lays it over the whole area i`m gonna colour. Lastly i take Tan to colour a thin line where i imagine the shades would be. If you like the skin to be very light you can stop here. If you want it darker you can lay down a extra layer doing the same procedure once more.


1. Caramel, Sandstone, Mustard and Buttercup
2.  Cocoa, Pastel yellow and Buttercup

I allways start with the darkest one and work my way to the light areas. Where i place the shades depend on where i imagine the light is coming from.


1. Shale, Walnut, Cocoa and Cinnamon


1. Walnut, Terracotta, Spice, Honeycomb


1. Bluegrey (FM), Ice grey #1 and #2 


1. Black, Indigo blue, French navy, True blue, Sky blue

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Debbi Powell Designs said...

I have just got back into using my Promarkers. I'm going to have a go at all these.

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