Tuesday, May 3, 2011

A little award!

Hi peeps!

I am one lucky girl that has such cute and sweet friend like Johanna! She has awarded me with a little something, and it is so sweet of her. With this award comes a little demand. I have to tell you 8 things about myself, so here we go:

#1 I am a big B-person. I like to stay up at night and sleep long in the morning, lol.

#2 Liverpool is my fav soccer-team. And the first thing i asked my hubby when we started going out was what team he followed. Had he said Man U, we NEVER would have continued dating, haha. (He`s a liverpool fan too, lol)

#3 I live outside of Trondheim in the middle of Norway but originally i come from the beautiful Lofoten which is one of the greatest tourist pearls in the north of Norway. Google Lofoten and you`ll see. It is really worth a visit.

#4 Every other week my eldest daughter lives with us and she has decided that taco is our meal on fridays, lol. (The other fridays she is with her father)

#5 Cardmaking and scrapbooking is my #3 passion. The first 2 is obviously my kids and hubby. Oh...and i forgot Liverpool, hahaha...

#6 I love to travel though it doesn`t get too much of that. I wish i had unlimited access to cash, haha. Well most of us suffers from the same disease....chronical lack of money, lol.

#7 I hate the winter! Thank GOD for the summer!

#8 And last but not least. I love to cook.

This award i would like to give to some extremely talented ladies and friends in the blog world. Obviously i would have given it back to Johanna. You are the best.

Here they are in alphabetichal order:


I know some of you rather wants a sweet comment but you`ll get that too, lol. You are so talented everyone of you and it gives me such pleasure to visit your blogs and look at all the wonderful things you create.



Sassylassy said...

Hi Mona! Thank you so very very much for this awesome award. How sweet of you to think of me. It means so much to me to have such a wonderful friend such as yourself. I loved reading the 8 things about yourself and got a kick out of a few. I'd love to come visit you to the beautiful place in which you live. I too love to travel, I've been known to travel outside the country. So honey girl thanks again for this beautiful award and again thinking of me. You are a treasure!
Hugs Bonnie

Shelby Goolsby said...

Mona Thank You!! You are so very sweet, I can't tell you how happy you have made me. I love visiting your blog as well, you are so talented.

angelwhispers said...

Wow Mona thank you so much for the award I'm so honoured to accept this wonderful award!! But I hate talking about myself!! lol Will post it on my blog and thanks again. Love Chanelle xxxx

Vicky said...

Oh sweetie you have put such a huge smile on my face thank you so sooooo much it really does mean a lot. You are an awesome woman & I loves ya to bits sweetie. I'm going take a look at your crafts & me card now lol.
Thank you again hunni.

Lotsa hugs Vicky xxx

pojjo said...

Hihi ja älskar oxå att vara uppe på natten och sova länge på morgonen men tvärr håller även jag på Man U ha ha ha.. men jag hoppas det går bra ändå *ler*
Min gubbe åker till norge och fiskar i helgen... *ler* Så jag hoppas ni norrmän tar hand om honom *ler*

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